black clouds.

Hello. My name is Brent Doster and this website is an attempt to share and describe the art that I create. - My current project titled "elementl", is a fine-art-craft project that couples rocks or stones (as the central source of symbolic inspiration) with drawing, writing, spray painting, found symbolic objects, digital photography, social media and public art.  Each "project" I create is based on a symbolic theme and is an ongoing exploration of that theme that results in a number of compositional "works." The work is therefor "mixed media" in the broadest sense resulting in an assemblage of compositional elements.  My hope is that these works will speak to others on a level that resonates with the eye as window to the interior life that is common to everyone. In that connection I hope to exchange the currency of being and becoming that further fuels, conversation. transformation, inspiration and supports the creative endeavor.




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thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me on social media or shop for originals in my etsy store or check me out on redbubble

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